September - House V - under construction

August - Publication in the magazine "The Institute"

June - House O - under construction

May - we are invited to participate at the Romanian Design Week


August - we are invited to participate at the exposition "TRACES OF CENTURIES & FUTURE STEPS" organised at Palazzo Bembo, Venice

April - our team recieved the first mention at the competition of the Romanian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale

February - commission for a new House, Targu Mures, Romania

January - commission for a new House, Corunca, Romania


October - commission for a new Guest House, Tiha Bargaului, Romania

September - commission for a new Fitness center, Targu Mures, Romania

July - commission for the design of low cost housing in Romania

May - commission for the interior design of "Cafe Barock", Targu Mures, Romania

March - we were invited at a workshop for small urban interventions, a requalification of the urban space, organised by the Targu-Mures Municipality

March - our project for the rehabilitation of the central area of Campina was selected for further development

March - competition for a new park in Livada Postei, Brasov, Romania


December - competition for the new building of the Central University Library 'Lucian Blaga', Cluj, Romania

November - competition for the modernization and rehabilitation of the central area of Campina, Romania

August - concept for an ECOquarter, Plaines de Loup competition, Lausanne, Switzerland

August - new headquarter for OAR Ramnicu Valcea competition, Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

June - arhetipuri competition for pavilions in Timisoara and Sibiu, Romania

April - Romanian Pavilion for the Biennale of Architecture in Venice competition, Italy

April - commission, house for a photographer in Corunca, Romania

October - bozin vs szekely architects office is established

March - OAR member,Targu Mures, Romania

February - 2 x 5 public design festival competition, Milan, Italy

January - commission for a house in Sibiu, Romania


December - commission for 10 apartments in Pancevo, Serbia

November - vertical zoo in Puerto Madero competition, Buenos Aires, Argentina

21 August - bozin vs szekely architects website founded